We deliver custom software development for the medical sector.


 Custom software development

We carefully investigate your needs, prototype and develop the whole system that meets your requirements from scratch, or develop new features for the software already in use.

 Integration with third-party services

We use API connection to implement new functionality to your apps, databases, or any kind of sotware or hardware.



We can be helpful in the following areas:

  • Enhancing patients experience and patient flow management with the help of multi-functional patient portals, where one can:

- Schedule an appointment;

- Get a prescription and keep a track of one's medical history;

- Get an online consultation;

- Conduct online payment;

- Provide real-time feedback and get customized services, etc.


  •  Automation of medical staff routine and improving management with the help of the following tools like:

- CRMs and billing solutions;

- Supply chain and Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS);

- Electronic health record systems for tracking all the processes and data around patients health like one's health dynamics, current state, insurance information, and data management;

- Reporting systems for getting all-round feedback in any business area;

- Systems for real-time medical devices monitoring, etc.


What results do you get for your business? Quality medical practice management software will:

        • Release your time and resources for the most important job.
        • Always have access and keep track of all your data and not miss a thing.
        • Reduce costs and increasing the effectiveness of your work processes as well as supply management.
        • Avoiding errors and providing a better service for your patients and clients.



Selected projects executed by Estelogy for healthcare:


Telemedicine service

Service for online consultations


For more details please contact us:

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