Mathematics lessons application

Service allows teachers to create math exercises on tablets and give them to pupils. Pupils receive exercises and tasks on their tablets and solve them online. Teacher can see the progress, answers and statistics in real-time for each student and class.

Students can also read some theory related to tasks and request a teacher’s help.


Main functions:

Teachers, students registration.

Schools, classes, groups creation and registration.

Exercises and tasks creation.

Exercises resolving, statistics calculation, answers storing.

Real-time resolving tracking by teachers application.

Theory storing. Help requesting.

Integrations with 3-d part APIs.

Admin functionality.


Under NDA

7 specialist(s)

3 years

Android, API, AWS, Backend, Elasticsearch, Firebase, Frontend, iOS, JavaScript, Mailchimp, Microservices, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, React Native, React.js, Redis, SPA, Websockets, Bootstrap, CI/CD, Docker, Docker-swarm, Kubernetes, Linux