Cloud service for telemedicine with patients monitoring


- Simple and intuitive UI was developed. The implementation uses SPA approach that allows having a dynamic and usable frontend.

- Sensors were integrated with Android tablets by Bluetooth with the help of the developed mobile application. Then sensors communication and control by the server were implemented.

- Rich admin panel was developed to provide full control over the system. Admin can register clinics, doctors, patients, users.

- For security, each system user can be granted with an individual set of rights by the admin. Also, access right templates were implemented for different roles of users.

- The clinic admin panel was developed to provide clinics with control over the patients and doctors.

- An informative and suitable doctor panel was developed. The doctor panel includes profile information and patients information including sensors statistics and video consultations functionality.

- A simple and usable mobile client based on Android was developed for patients. The mobile client was used for communication between doctor and patient and sensors integration and control.

- Real-time video and text communication were implemented.


Components and parts:

  • Server backend – API
  • Browser frontend with admin panel
  • Android application with connected sensors


Components and parts made by Estelogy:

  • Server backend – API
  • Browser admin panel



  • Team lead
  • 2 backend PHP developers
  • 1 frontend developer
  • 1 Android developer
  • QA


Tasks executed by Estelogy:

  • Estimation, planning
  • Architecture creation
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development



  • Backend: PHP, MySQL, Linux, AWS
  • Frontend: Back nodeJS, JS, Bootstrap
  • Android platform

Our customer is an international chain of clinics. The need was to create a multifunctional ecosystem with the ability to add new subsidiaries, create user accounts for doctors and patients to keep a track of patients’ medical history including prescriptions and real-time conditions of in-patients. To enable this real-time remote patients monitoring, we also needed to integrate into the system sensors of various medical devices, alongside with creation of the alert system. We had to develop an adaptive system for web as well as for tablets and mobile devices. From the patient’s side, the system had to enable real-time interaction with a doctor via chatting or video call.

Medicine, Online consultations, Telemedicine

6 specialist(s)

~2000 hours

Android, Angular, API, AWS, Backend, Card payments gateway, Firebase, Frontend, iOS, JavaScript, Mailchimp, MySQL, PHP, SPA, Symfony, Bootstrap, CI/CD, CSS, Docker, HTML, Linux, Memcached