Hotel management system

- Intuitive minimalistic UI was developed;

- Designed a clear booking system with an optimized user journey, thus requiring minimum actions to book a room or create an account.

- Created admin dashboard for the back end features control like booking inquiries, user details, prices and information update, and many more including customization options;

- Enabled a number of payment options to satisfy customers preferences;

- Optimized the system for different devices.



  • Business analyst

  • Project manager

  • 2 backend developers

  • DevOps specialist

  • 1 frontend developer

  • Mobile developer

  • Quality Assurance specialist


Components and parts:

  • Requirements analyzing and proposal generation

  • Backend

  • Web Frontend

  • Mobile clients

  • Servers configuration

  • QA


The customer runs a family business - a European hotel with a rich heritage. Our task was automating the booking process, making it intuitive clear for users and enabling them with the choice of the best option. We also needed to enable the hotel staff with outstanding back office experience.

Booking, Hospitality, Tourism, Tutoring, Traveling

8 specialist(s)

~2000 hours

Android, API, AWS, Backend, Frontend, iOS, JavaScript, Laravel, MySQL, PHP, React.js, CI/CD, Docker