Train tickets booking

Service that allows travelers to form a group to book group ticket which is way too cheaper (~2-3 times) than single ticket booking.


Main functions:

Registration for travelers. User profile data.

User-user invitation system

Facebook OAuth2 integration with data importing.

French railroad monopolist (SNCF) API integration: schedule tables & booking/cancellation

User-to-user rating system with Access Control Lists

Routes CRON automated importing/caching/updating/filtering/sorting/search

Rich routes/prices caching system

Payment system integration – Stripe

Rich admin dashboard for service settings and content

Event based mailing system


3rd party integrations (FB, MailChimp, Mailgun)

Booking, Tourism, Transportation, Traveling

Under NDA

2 specialist(s)

3 months

API, Backend, Card payments gateway, Frontend, JavaScript, Laravel, Mailchimp, MySQL, PHP, Vue.js, Bootstrap, CSS