Students employment service

Service allows student clubs to get sponsorship and find job of a dream.

Student clubs and club members can register in the service and provide full information about themselves.

Then job providers use advanced search for finding the best students in the clubs of the interested field.


Localization: USA



Service for student clubs to get sponsorship and get job from top companies in industry


Main functions:

Registration for students, clubs, companies.

Student profile, club profile, company profile, sponsorship mechanism and payments.

Search functionality for students and clubs by difficult criteria combinations.

Make a proposition and hire students functionality.

Students testing.

Administration panel.

Notifications by Emails.


Components and parts:

Server backend with API

Browser frontend

Admin part


Under NDA

6 specialist(s)

2 years

API, AWS, Backend, Card payments gateway, Firebase, Frontend, JavaScript, Laravel, Microservices, MySQL, PHP, Vue.js, Algolia, Bootstrap